Welcome to the challenging world of aerobatics. I have been lucky enough to explore the ultimate art for over 40 years and now enjoy passing on my knowledge, technique and experience in the same way my mentors did - by example. Anyone qualifies as long as you have a current licence, the commitment to learn and the motivation to achieve excellence.

My first priority is to understand your ambitions and your current level of expertise because mastering aerobatics is ultimately an expression that becomes very personal. I am here to help YOU develop your skills and technique to best advance whatever discipline of aerobatics you choose.

Detailed briefing is an intrinsic part of the aerobatic coaching session. There is no substitute for concise thinking all done first on the ground, before the maelstrom of colours, noise and whirling horizons does its best to throw the senses into disarray!

Owner Flown Aircraft

This is the most popular option. I  come to you and train you in your own aircraft, flying from your home base. This removes all the extra bits of distracting knowledge required when attending a fixed base facility or being in unfamiliar airspace. Direct coaching is really straightforward with a two seat aircraft. With single seat aircraft ground based critique (sometimes with VHF communication) can be invaluable for competition practice sorties.

Given sufficient notice it is possible for me to operate virtually anywhere in the UK or overseas. Recent locations include Germany, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Jordan, Hong Kong, USA, Thailand and UAE. 

Specialised Training

This category is relevant for pilots who have achieved flying experience in other disciplines. For example, one client came to me for relevant aerobatic tuition so that the techniques could be carried forward into Warbird Display Authorisations. When considering the problem of cost and exposure to risk associated with valuable warbird aircraft, Skyhawk Aerobatics is a cost effective solution with none of the fears of wear and tear that is measured so carefully by Warbird Operators.

Another example is business owners or self employed contractors who don’t have the time or energy to commit to aircraft ownership. I have been able to take complete beginners in aerobatic technique through a measured course of training that provides an additional qualification and more importantly, much increased confidence in their normal GA operations.

Introduction Flights

Skyhawk Aerobatics uses the Extra 300L as it represents an ideal platform for introducing pilots new to aerobatic flight. This might seem like a step too far, given the excellent pedigree of the aircraft and its reputation. It is, however, very easy to fly and having a good reliable engine, coupled with an almost bulletproof airframe, induces tremendous confidence. The fact it can climb to height quickly and sail gracefully through classic figures, means you have more time to assess what is happening.

Trial sessions are a good way to start the learning process - the Extra 300L is surprisingly comfortable with ergonomically designed seats and an excellent harness system for complete security. You also enjoy unrestricted vision through the optically clear canopy.

For Differences Training when converting from nose-wheel aircraft, the ideal choice is available with a CAP 10c. The CAP has very forgiving flying qualities and provides side-by-side seating that pilots find easier to absorb the handling techniques compared with the tandem arrangement in the Extra.

Conversion Training

Skyhawk Aerobatics is a recognised Instructional Facility with the Extra aircraft factory near Dusseldorf in Germany and I regularly travel to new owners around the world to guide them through conversion training, recurrent training or a more dedicated introduction to type and its aerobatic capability.

Delivery is included in situations where the type is unfamiliar to new owners. It often results in extended tuition to fully master the performance available with one of the world’s best production aerobatic aircraft.