I'm busy sorting through my library of images spanning more than 35 years as a professional display pilot and aviation project manager! It's proving quite a task so at the moment these galleries are empty, but I'll be uploading pictures soon so do pop back. In the meantime I've put some clips and programmes of aerobatic displays on You Tube - just click on the Video and film clips window below.
Video and film clips
An assortment of display and promotional video clips and programmes

Firebird Aerobatics Duo
1993 - 2003 Extra 300 high performance duo with legendary display pilot Brian Lecomber

Skyhawk Aerobatic Display Team
1980 - 1992 Skyhawk Aerobatics - an aerial ballet set to Pink Floyd music

Firebrid Aerobatics Microlease Aerobatic Team Skyhawk Aerobatic Team
Commercial aerobatics
Promotional films, a Hollywood movie and other exciting opportunities

Aviation Project Management
Special aviation project for the commercial sector and overseas clients

Setting out - my early days!!
1973 - 1980 fine tuning the skills I was taught as an enthusiastic youngster!

Ultimate High Extra 300 flown by John Taylor  Skyhawk Aerobatic Team in Chile  John Taylor aerobatics Ford Motor Company