Conversion Training

“I spent 10 days with John Taylor at Skyhawk Aerobatics conducting a differences training course on the Extra 300L, and also a taster on the Extra 300LX. I would like to give John and this course an extremely positive review, and would highly recommend training with John to those thinking about conducting a course or courses with him. His unparalleled knowledge in all things aerobatics, tailwheel, formation flying, and technical knowledge of the Extra aircraft comes from a long career in doing what he does best.

His ability to pass on his knowledge and answer questions in ways that are easy to grasp is a testament to his vast experience in this type of flying, all the while making his training enjoyable and exhilarating. John went over and beyond what we needed to achieve in the differences course and gave my colleague and I the chance to get a feel for Formation flying and a feel for the aircraft we have purchased (Extra 330LX), for that I am extremely grateful.

To anyone who is considering aerobatics endorsements, tailwheel endorsement, formation endorsements, or all of the above, it gives me great pleasure to advise you to do it with John at Skyhawks Aerobatics, a master of the game ... Cheers John”

Odessah G – Deputy CFI, Oxford Saudia Academy

"It was pleasure to be with and learn from the master, I really appreciate your bravery to sit in the front seat and letting me fiddle???? You deserve every penny of your fee, well done. We will work together with Christian to finalize the last few hurdles. Thank you!"

Hamad - new Extra owner

Display Authorisations:

"You are a star John. I knew there was a good reason to have you on board!! Thanks for your help .... appreciate your support in the red tape world."

Richard G

"It was a great pleasure flying with you and thank you very much for your patience!"

Enrico C


That was one of the most enjoyable instructor renewals I have done and you are a natural instructor with more patience than you give yourself credit for!

David H – CAA Flight Instructor Examiner

Air Race Championship 2016

"Had a good chat with John Taylor yesterday ... we competed in an aerobatic competition in April 1982 and he used to fly a wonderful RF4 Formation Display with the man who taught me to fly. I'll spare John the finish positions on that day!"

Bob Ellis (British Air Race Champion and European Air Race Champion - Royal Aero Club 2015 Series)

"I also know John Taylor for several years. He is a really nice guy. I am very happy that we have someone like him at the ARC. He has a very important role which is being the Safety Director for the training camp as well for the races. We couldn't have anyone better than him for the role. His voice is heard and well respected."

Fernando Marinho (Head of Training - ARC 2016)
Privately owned Extra 300